Specialty Connectors in Fort Wayne, IN

Here at Outman Industries Inc., we are a leading provider of high-effective connector solutions. We are a privately owned company, which means that we never have to worry about investors, and we can spend more of our time focused on keeping our customers happy. We work with both the commercial and military sectors to deliver quality equipment that helps keep the country operating smoothly. In fact, we are proud to say that we are a veteran-owned company with operations in both Indiana and Florida. 

Specialty Connector Manufacturing: The Work That We Do

Our connectors are used in various applications across a spectrum of industries so wide that we can't even begin to describe them all. One type of connector that we are sometimes asked about is filter connectors. These are great for filtering out unwanted noise and transient voltages from the signal to where they need to go. We provide this type of connector, and it is yet another type that is constantly in demand as a result of the rise of so much technological equipment in our world. Each project that we receive has specific requirements and requests to get materials that are just right for their particular uses. This is why we take such great care and spend so much time making sure each connector will do what it needs to do for our customers. 

Three Types of Connectors We Offer

We hope that you will come and check out our entire selection of specialty connectors, but we wanted to make you aware of at least a few of them so you have some idea of which ones we have available and how important they are to the operation of various electronics:

  • D-subminiature specials

  • Micro-Twinax NDL Series


Each of these choices and the many more that we have available are what help keep our world moving forward. Come check out all that we have to offer and allow us to serve you.

A World That Relies on Connectors

One of the things that we have noticed and that has fascinated us has been how much the world has come to rely on specialty connectors. Circular connectors are particularly in demand at the moment with all of the big data that must be transferred from one data storage area to another. Circular connectors help link up electronic devices so that they can communicate with one another. With all of the electronic equipment that is constantly hooked up and online these days, it makes sense that specialty connectors are in demand, but it is still something we marvel at because it keeps demand for our business so steady. 

Most of us wouldn't get very far without electronics these days. You can think what you want about how much time people spend on their electronic devices, but you also have to admit that you probably couldn't do everything that you do in a given day without those devices as well. That is why we continue to work to produce the most useful specialty connectors that we can.