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Connector Manufacturing Services in Rolling Meadows, IL

Are you searching for a company that specializes in connector manufacturing in Rolling Meadows, Illinois? Then, you should contact Outman Industries Incorporated. Since 1998, our company has been providing high-quality connector solutions in the area and our goals are simple: simplicity and reliability. Outman Industries Incorporated successfully works with different markets, including defense, Mil-Aero, commercial, and downhole. 


Connector Manufacturing Services in Rolling Meadows, IL

If you need of a company that manufactures Multi-pin and Coax connectors for a variety of industries, Outman Industries Incorporated in Rolling Meadows, Illinois is the best company to contact. We are leaders in connector manufacturing, and we specialize in producing cost-effective, high-quality, and application specific connectors. We are experts in EMI filter design, COAX connectors, and Capacitance Level Sensor products.  We can guarantee that you will receive quality products that are cost effective in a variety of applications0 and markets. 



Multi Pin Connectors

If you need EMI/RFI filtered connectors that can be used in various industries for protecting sensitive equipment from interference, our simple and space saving designs are exactly what you are looking for. Usually, multi pin connectors can be either cable mount connectors or bulkhead mounted connectors. As mentioned above, they can have the same footprint as a non-filter connector.  The connectors are used for connecting communication and defense related equipment in aircraft and ground support equipment.  


At Outman Industries Incorporated, we provide various multi pin connectors, including MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, and III, MIL-DTL-83723 Series III Connectors, MIL-DTL-26482 Connectors, MIL-DTL-24308 : D-Subminiature, and MIL-DTL-83513 : Micro Miniature D, and MIL-DTL-26500 Connectors.


Filtered Connectors

A filtered connector is known as the type of connector that filters noise and provides the integrity of the signals that are required for optimum performance. Filtered connectors are often used for solving RF interference and electromagnetic interference problems. This type of connector is widely and effectively used in such industries as aviation, medicine, military, defense, and downhole.  Filtered connectors are the perfect choice for those who are involved in high-noise environment. 


Our company also specializes in sealed Coax connectors and is always ready to provide them for our clients in Dallas, TX and other surrounding towns and areas. 


Custom and Standard RF Coaxial Connectors

At Outman Industries we add O-rings for fluid sealing and glass seal launchers for sealing in the most demanding environments.  RF coaxial connectors are effectively used for secure high speed and high frequency signal transmission as well as for signal integrity and protection from noise in the surrounding environment.  


There are several types of RF coaxial connectors to choose from:

  • SMA type. Sub-miniature version A connectors were developed in the 1960s and have been actively used in low power and high frequency applications. The main benefits of this type of RF coaxial connectors include their good electrical shielding and low electromagnetic interference. 

  • SMB/SMC connectors. They are less common SMA type connectors. They are often used for board to board and assembly connections within equipment.  They are common equipment in handheld radios, antennas, communication equipment, PC/LAN, and many others. SMB connectors are a staple in the Mil-Aero as well as the commercial markets.   

  • N type. It is the most popular type of RF coaxial connector that is widely used around the world in most countries. It is an affordable and quality connector type that provides a secure connection.

  • Outman Industries also fabricates 75 ohm, SSMB and SSMC type of connectors.


RF Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

A cable assembly is defined as a wire or group of wires that is specified as one single component. Cable assemblies allow you to procure and test a single component thus reducing your inventory and parts list.  At Outman Industries Incorporated, we offer different types of RF cable assemblies, including any Coax connector terminated to flex or semi-rigid cable.  We also offer molded multi-pin assemblies and formed assemblies. 


Liquid Level Sensors

Outman Industries, Inc. manufactures Capacitance liquid level sensor and Dielectric Constant technology liquid level sensor.  The “probe” is a flexible cable that is a special design cable that can extend up to a length of 200 feet and beyond in some applications.  Our liquid level sensor can be used in any size and shape storage vessel.  The capacitance liquid level sensor accurately detects level in liquids and fine granular solids.  The capacitance liquid level sensor is factory calibrated to your media.  We can accommodate most media conditions including visible vapors, foam, and turbulence.

The Dielectric Constant series can accurately detect liquids, miscible liquids, or slurries.  Hydrocarbons to water-based media with dielectric constants ranging from 1.7 to 100.  The Dielectric Constant technology is not affected by temperature and pressure and can be conductive or non-conductive media.  Our sensor technology can detect level measurement and control applications including process conditions exhibiting visible vapors, foam, turbulence, and varying dielectric media or specific gravity.  Whether it is the capacitance or dielectric constant liquid level sensor, they can mount vertically or horizontally.  We have several flexible cable jacket materials available to accommodate very hot conditions down to sub-zero temperatures.  Our specialty designed cable can reduce or eliminate coating/buildup on the “probe”.  

Specialty Connectors

The specialty connectors that we offer at our company are based on industry standard interface.  Include MIL-DTL-38999  Series I, II, III, IV.  D-Subminiature Specials, ARINC, Micro-Twinax, Multipin and Coax Waterproof Circular Connectors, and others. If you need a specific type of connector and you cannot find information about it on our website, do not hesitate to give us a call. 


Need Connector Manufacturing Services in Rolling Meadows, IL

If you are searching for a company that specializes in manufacturing different types of connectors for a variety of applications, processes, and industries, Outman Industries Incorporated is the right company to contact. Our company manufactures and sells connections in Meadows, IL, and other nearby towns and areas. 


The company was founded in 1998, and for over 20 years it has been successfully serving such industries as military and defense, transportation, commerce, avionics, and others. We have a great variety of RF connectors, multi pin connectors, RF cable assemblies/harnesses, liquid level sensors, fluid flow sensors, and even specialty connectors. The products that we offer are well known for their affordability, reliability, and high quality. 


If you have any questions, or you are not sure what connector you will need, do not hesitate to contact Outman Industries Incorporated  - we are always ready to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need.

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