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Benefits derived from the use of Outman Industries filter connectors include the fact that virtually any component with two leads can be installed in series with the load. The same is true of components installed in parallel with the load when utilizing SMT chips, tubular devices, and/or planar capacitors (the physical size of the component(s) being the significant limitation).​


No load attenuation values per Mil-Std. 220A. Capacitance as nominal value at 1Khz, .1VRMS.​

Operating Temperature

Working Voltage

Current Rating

Insulation Resistance

DWV @ Sea Level

-55 C to +125 C

200 VDC. 100 VDC for Micro-D

15A size 16, 7.5A size 22, 3A Micro-D

5000 Megohms Minimum at 100VDC

500 VDC

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