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RF Coaxial Connectors in Fort Wayne, IN

RF coaxial connectors are some of the most vital forms of electrical cabling that are used. Whether you are connecting a computer to the network, sending radio frequency signals out to the field, or conducting some other kind of radio frequency transference, you need connectors that you can depend on.

At Outman Industries, we offer a number of industry standard series to help you get the quality that will make a difference. We pride ourselves on offering reliability throughout the planning, design, and manufacturing process so that you can get high-quality connectors and RF cable assembly products.

Further, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so you can rely on our RF coaxial connectors to be consistently produced time and again. If you're in Fort Wayne, Allen County, or New Haven, IN, contact us today!


What to Expect From Our RF Coaxial Connectors

We stand out from the competition by carefully choosing premium materials for every part of our RF coaxial connectors. As such, you can expect stainless steel to be used to create a durable body. We also use Beryllium copper for the contacts to ensure that they provide the highest possible connections. Additionally, we use silicone rubber gaskets to form the best possible seal, and one that will hold up in an array of adverse environments.

We offer all sorts of options for the coax connectors to ensure that your needs are met. Some of the options available include:


Making connections in the field can be a challenge. Our connectors go above and beyond by offering extended contacts and insulators as well as the option of a tab contact(?).

Learn More About RF Coaxial Connectors


Do you have a very specific requirement for your RF coaxial connectors? Are you unsure of what connector you need based on the cable type that you’re working with? Our professionals are knowledgeable about the various cables, making it easy for you to get the recommendations that will make a difference to you and your industry.

We can talk to you about various finishes on the coax connectors, too. It can be just what you need to have a more durable solution, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues.

Contact us to discuss the options and get your order placed today.

better communications, whether it be in the office or out in the field.

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