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RF Cables & Harnesses in Fort Wayne, IN

RF cable assemblies and harnesses are a must when you’re connecting various electronics. Whether you’re connecting a PC board to an antenna, equipment to equipment, or even PC board to PC board, the integrity of your equipment matters, and Outman Industries is here to help you with all that you need.

Choosing RF cable assemblies and harnesses can be a time-consuming task. You need to choose materials that are durable for your environment and meet all the necessary requirements and constraints. We offer a variety of solutions that you can depend on and our expertise in the industry allows us to provide you with recommendations that make choosing the right connection hardware simple. If you're in Fort Wayne, Allen County, or New Haven, IN, we hope you'll contact us today for liquid level sensors and other specialty types of connectors today.


RF Cables

RF cables are unique in that they are coaxial cables specifically designed to send radio frequency signals. As such, it’s critical that you choose a cable that can maintain the signal for the entire length of cable needed without interruption of excessive loss.  
As you explore an RF cable, consider a few things:


All of these must be carefully chosen so that you can get the quality of signal and transmission power that you need. Our cables are capable of holding up indoors and out so that you can use them virtually anywhere.
It’s important to note that RF cables are not the same everywhere. At Outman Industries, we’ve been a premium supplier of highly reliable connector solutions since 1998.

RF Harnesses


RF harness assemblies are commonly used across a number of industries: military, commercial, medical and more. We strive to provide simple point-to-point solutions that will work in the industry and the specific applications that you are dealing with.

With our years of experience in building and manufacturing RF connectors, we have been part of the most effective and industry popular designs. We know which materials are capable of holding up after significant usage and have experience to know what works best in your application.  This knowledge allows us to provide long-lasting solutions.

We offer test harnesses for prototypes as well as RF harnesses that can be used in the toughest of outdoor and Mil-Aero conditions.

As you explore our harnesses, you’ll find that we offer crimp and compression terminations, waterproof versions and much more.


Shop for the Cables & Harnesses You Need

From our SMA Series RF cables to our SMB, SMC, SSMC, SSMB,  and Type ‘N’ Series Cable assemblies and harnesses, we have you covered. You can find what you need for any kind of purpose and industry. We offer a standard nickel finish on all our assemblies, though you can upgrade to gold plating when the application requires it.  
We will work with you on the cable group, the length of cable that you need, and the different types of connectors you need based on what you are connecting on both ends.
When you’re ready to order or you have questions about product specifications, contact us so that we can help.


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