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​Multi-pin Filtered Connector Performance

"PI" Type Filters

"PI" Type filters are the most common filter type with good performance, regardless of high/low source and load impedance.

Standard filter characteristics are shown. Custom requirements are available in many arrangements. Filter types may be mixed within a connector as well as grounded and/or unfiltered pins may be added. Capacitance values as high as 500nF are available.

"C" Type Filters

​"C" Type filters provide a moderate amount of filtering, taking the least amount of space. These are typically lowest in cost.

Outman Industries EMI Filter Connectors meet the
following Performance Requirements:

​(Typical requirements for MIL-DTL-38999 are shown)

EMP.NEMP.LEMP: Surge Protection

Outman Industries can design a custom connector to meet your electrical requirements, no matter the type of protection your system requires. This protection can be provided in addition to the EMI filtering in a connector or as a stand-alone requirement for the connector. This protection can be placed on all contacts or selectively on critical contacts.

   We have developed products that economize space and cost by radially packaging components behind the flange of the connector, causing the diameter to increase to the outer flange. This same approach works well with MOV's or other custom devices. Our designs offer a very durable product with lower cost than most other methods of protection. The contacts can be soldered to a P.C, board and rear mounted, yielding a very durable product. Contact us to discuss methods of quick field replacements without the high cost of repairable or replaceable contacts.

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