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Coax Connectors & Other Products in Fort Wayne, IN

Outman Industries is a privately held company manufacturing cost-effective, application specific, high-reliability connector solutions to the electronics industry since 1998. We design and fabricate RFI/EMI/EMP, Coax, epoxy and Hermetically sealed connectors to the military, avionics, and commercial markets.

Outman Industries is ISO9001-2015 and ITAR certified.  At Outman Industries, quality begins with design.   Simplicity, reliability, and manufacturability are objectives that are planned and monitored through the design process. If you're in Fort Wayne, Allen County, or New Haven, IN, we hope you'll contact us today! 

Superior Multi-Pin and RF Coaxial Options

Electrical connectors and RF harnesses can make the difference in reliability and are a critical component for reliability, repair, and upgrades.  Our goal is to give you connectors when you need them and back our parts with quality and unparalleled customer service.  In many cases, we can provide a cost effective solution of just the connector or a completed and tested connector assembly that can produce superior electrical performance.
At Outman Industries, we have specialists focusing on a wide range of electrical connector manufacturing.  Most of our expertise is in multi-pin and RF coaxial connectors.
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Expert Multi-Pin Models


Multi-pin connectors are connectors that are designed to ensure the integrity of your product.  The most sophisticated computers are useless unless the integrity of the connectors and their signals are protected from outside interference.  Outman Industries selects the best raw material and components to assure the performance you require.  The Mil-Specs are only the starting point.  With ever increasing speeds of computers, interference becomes more of an integrity and security concern.  Outman Industries expertise can help design the best solution with connectors and cables that will put your customer concerns to rest.    

Coax Connectors


RF coax connectors are radio frequency connectors that are produced in order to increase the amount of signal protection, shielding, and signal integrity found in coaxial cables. These connectors are produced to intermate and inter-mount with industry standard mating connectors and fasteners for ease of use and safety.

RF coax connectors are electrical connectors that work in multi-megahertz ranges. They will function to minimize the amount of interference in transmission resulting in lower power loss and signal integrity is maintained.  RF coaxials are excellent connectors when you are looking for something that will reduce the amount of external interference in your electrical circuit.

RF coaxials from Outman Industries can be environmentally sealed to prevent water, moisture, and contamination from affecting the end product.  We can also provide a balanced impedance twinax connectors in a miniature package for those applications where size and signal integrity matters.  For example, in military drones or miniature cameras.   

Choose Outman Industries


When you are looking for a custom interconnect or filtered connector manufacturers, choose Outman Industries. Our connector manufacturing business has over 20 years of experience serving military clients, avionics and many other electric markets, including the commercial market and private sector. When you are looking for connector manufacturers with a reputation for excellence, choose Outman Industries for your electrical component needs.

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