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Sensors: Liquid Level & Fluid Flow

Liquid level sensors, help monitor and control the levels of fluids, slurries, and miscible liquid in tanks, barrels, and vessels up to 500 feet in depth.  

At Outman Industries, our liquid level sensors can measure aqueous and organic liquid in any shape or size of vessel within 1% of factory calibration.  

These sensors will attach via cable, Wi-Fi, or cellular.  This option allows for monitoring and control of the liquid in remote locations.  Since the capacitance liquid level sensors are electronic devices, the phase modulation and the use of higher frequencies guarantee the liquid level sensor is suitable for applications in dielectric constants from 1.7 to 100.  

Outman Industries’ capacitance sensors contain no moving parts, are rugged, simple to use, easy to clean, and are designed for high temperature and pressure applications. We offer several jackets on the flexible cable allowing submersion into just about any liquid media ranging from cryogenic temperatures to 500F.  We offer a cost-effective solution for very deep vessels even when the liquid media has foam, sludge, or is agitated.


Our Inventory of Liquid Level Sensors


Shopping for liquid level sensors doesn’t have to be a challenge when you depend on our expertise at Outman Industries. We take into consideration a number of details that you are working with:

As you discover that you need liquid level sensors, we can work with you to recommend the specific type. This allows us to explore such additional functions as a compact internal fitting, environmentally sealed connection heads, enclosures can be rotated up to 360 degrees for conduit alignment.  Liquid level can be monitored and controlled in conductive or non-conductive medias and vessels.  

Our goal is to ensure that you have a highly dependable sensor when and where you need it. We supply connectors and liquid level sensors to a variety of industries including medical, military, down hole, and industrial.  We understand that there are many harsh environments and, therefore, durability is critical.

Place Your Order Today


Whether you need a stock liquid level sensor or you are looking for some custom additions, we have the means to help you. We maintain a large inventory of sensors to get them shipped out to you immediately.
We also work closely with Widerhaus Sensor Works to provide you with comprehensive sensor support that you can depend on.
If you have questions or concerns about a particular sensor or environment, we have professionals who can talk to you about the solutions that we offer.

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